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SAGI Donated to the Thai With Disability Foundation and the Disabled People Association of Bangkok

With admiration for several missions of the Thai with Disability Foundation, Sri Ayudhya General Insurance Public Company Limited donated money to support the “Virtual Run” event as part of “Allianz Ayudhya World Run Thailand Series 2018”. The campaign encouraged participants to donate their running mileage to the Foundation to promote well-being and compassion among Thai society. […]

SAGI Contributed Group Accident Insurance Protection to Narenthorn Rescuers

  The “Insurance for Narenthorn with Heart” Program is the Company’s medical CSR program that has been going on for three years in gratitude for the sacrifice and dedication of volunteer rescuers at Narenthorn EMS Center at Rajavidhi Hospital. The rescuers work tirelessly to provide timely medical treatment and transport patients to appropriate facilities. These […]

“For Our Fellow Beings from Us in the Insurance Industry” Project

Volunteer employees of Sri Ayudhya General Insurance Public Company Limited together with different stakeholders from insurance companies and social enterprises have organized school site development and community development activities for 15 consecutive years. This year, the Company offered a donation as scholarships for students at Ban Don Ping Dad School, Phetchaburi Province.

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