Group Personal Accident

This plan is designed to cover group of employees of the business, which is legitimately registered to be a company, limited partnership or shop, with special low premium per employee but provides highest benefit for employees. This plan can be a very special gift for the employees.

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  • Loss of life by accident
  • Dismemberment, Loss of Sight
  • Hearing/Speech Disability (subject to insurance plan)
  • Total Permanent Disability
  • Murder and Assault
  • Medical Expenses per accident (subject to insurance plan)
  •  Riding or traveling on a motorcycle
  • Funeral Expenses on accidental death
  • Funeral Expenses on death due to sickness
  • Additional benefit in case of accidental death and sickness
  • Any employee of the business, which is legitimately registered to be a company, limited partnership or shop.
  • Age between 15-60 years old.
  • Good health
  • Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance reserves the right to accept or reject on case-by-case basis for the proposer who is living or working in one of the four provinces of the southern part of Thailand i.e. Songkhla, Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat
  • Occupations not covered under this plan are politician, TV star, actor/actress, singer, musician etc. and other occupations as specified in each package
  • The number of applicants in the first group must be minimum 5 persons
  • The Insured’s company must be located in Thailand
  • Air hostess, Air Steward, Airline Captain, Police, Soldier, Public disaster relief volunteer, Politician, TV star, Actor/Actress, Singer, Musician, Athlete, Worker/Labors, Construction worker, High-rise Building Cleaner, Deliverer or messenger who use motorcycle (Except; all employees are insured and have motorcycle user not over 50% of all employee amounts), Hired-Motorcyclist, Truck driver of oil, gas or any hazardous, Public Boat Driver or any risky occupations.
Coverage by Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance Public Company Limited