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Relieve business owner of their worries about potential business risks with this comprehensive insurance plan offering full protection for any business type and high sum insured, plus discount for long-term insurance.

  • Coverage includes fire, lightning, explosion, water damage, aircraft or vehicle impact, windstorm, earthquake, hail, strike, riot or malicious acts (excluding any action for political, religious or ideological purpose)
  • Additional coverage for electrical appliance, expenses for temporary building rental, expenses for professional fee for architects/surveyors/engineering consultants, fire extinguishing expenses of the Insured, expenses for shoring up, propping, dismantling, removing the debris, damage to signs/billboards, loss or damge to movable property in the premises, damage to personal effects, loss of income, theft, damage to plate glass, third party liability.
  • Sum insured ranging from 1.5 – 150 million Baht
  • Coverage applicable to all business classes

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List of companies and their prices. Column one contains the official codes used in financial markets.
Main Coverage Sum Insured (Baht)
Loss of or damage to the property insured, i.e. building (excluding foundation) and contents, e.g. furniture, office supplies (including stock and machinery), resulting from fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm, earthquake, hail, aircraft or vehicle impact, water damage excluding flood), accidental damage by external causes, strikes, riots or malicious acts (excluding any action for political, religious or ideological purpose or the like) unless otherwise excluded in the policy.

Deductible : Baht 2,000 for each and every loss for accidental damage and water damage only.
1.5 - 150 MB
Flood Damage 10% of the main coverage
Sum Insured
Additional Coverage Sum Insured (Baht)
1. Electrical Appliance : Loss of or damage to electrical appliance as a result of excess voltage, short circuiting, self-combustion, leakage or surge of electrical current, or short circuiting resulting from lightning, but such coverage shall be in force only when the loss or damage is caused a fire or by lightning.  20% of the main covered
Sum Insured Maximum of 1MB
2. Temporary Rental Expense : In the event that the Building insured becomes uninhabitable as a result of any main covered perils. 2,000 baht per day
(maximum of 30 days)
3. Loss of Income : In the event that the Building insured becomes uninhabitable resulting from any main covered perils. (Maximum indemnity period of 3 months) 10% of the main covered Sum Insured Maximum of 3 MB
4. Loss of Rental Fee : In the event that the Building insured becomes uninhabitable as a result of fire or any main covered perils. Maximum 150,000 baht per year
5. Professional Fee : For Architects, Surveyors and Engineering Consultants, Legal Consultants and others to estimate, plan specifications and provide any supervision necessarily incurred in the reinstatement consequent upon the destruction of or damage to the property insured resulting from any main covered perils. 10% of the main covered Sum Insured Maximum of 3 MB
6. Fire Extinguishing Expenses of the Insured : This includes any persons in the course of employment of the Insured engaged in firefighting activities. 10% of the main covered Sum Insured Maximum of 1 MB
7. Debris Removal Expenses : Shoring up, propping, dismantling or removing the debris from the portion or portions of the property insured resulting from any main covered perils. 10% of the main covered Sum Insured Maximum of 1 MB
8. Loss of or damage to neon signs : Which are attached permanently to the building, including neon signs attached internally or externally, resulting from any covered perils under neon sign section. 100,000
9. Movable Property in the Premise : Mobile phone, Computer Notebook, Flash Drive, Camera and all other movable property, resulting from covered perils.  Maximum 30,000 baht per year
10. Loss of or damage to personal effects : Which included personal property which is worn or used on a daily basis, such as clothes, shoes, and eyeglasses, etc., being kept in the Insured’s buildings, provided that such loss or damage is resulting from any main covered perils, and is the property of
- An official or employee of the Insured (for which the Insured may assume liability)
- The Insured
2,000 baht per item
100,000 bath per accident
11. Burglary Insurance (BG.2) : Loss of or damage to the property insured and damage to the building containing the property insured arising from actual force and violence resulting in visible marks of damage upon the building or arising from Robbery or Gang-Robbery. 20% of the main covered Sum Insured Maximum of 3 MB.
12. Money Insurance (M.2) : Loss of money arising from robbery or dang robbery within the premise which is in the care of the Insured or kept within a locked Safety box or room. 10% of the main covered Sum Insured Maximum of 500,000
13. Plate Glass Insurance : Loss of or damage to plate glass installed as part of the building insured, which has been broken or destroyed arising from any accidental damage. 10% of the main covered Sum Insured Maximum of 2 MB
14. Public Liability Insurance : Loss of or damage to a third party for the loss of life, bodily injury or illness and property damage arising from operations in connection with the insured business, with the extension to cover any liability arising from Neon Signs. 2,000,000
     14.1. Food and Drink poisoning 10,000 baht per accident
100,000 baht per year
     14.2. Car Park Liability 1,000,000
     14.3. Premises Medical Payment 5,000 baht per person
200,000 baht per year
15. Employer’s Liability : To indemnify the insured’s employee who sustained bodily injury by accident or disease arising in the course of employment. 1,500,000
16. All Other Contents within the Building 15,000 baht per item
100,000 baht per year
17. Alterations and Repairs Coverage : To cover alteration, additions, deletions or improvements to the property insured. 200,000
18. Cost of Temporary Protection Coverage : To cover the cost of temporary protection reasonably necessary for the safety and protection of the premises pending repairs/replacement of damage. 1,000,000
19. Expediting Expenses Coverage :To cover an express delivery, airfreight, overtime or holiday work incurred in connection with repairs or replacement of the Insured Property. 250,000
20. Outside Buildings Coverage : To cover any small outside buildings, annexes or facilities held to be insured with the buildings to which such property is attached or belongs. 1,000,000
21. Sue and Labor Coverage : To cover any reasonable expenses incurred by the Insured in their efforts to recover, safeguard or preserve the Property Insured, to minimize any loss insured. 1,000,000
  • The Insured can apply for one insurance policy per one business premises 
  • The building insured must be first class, all-concrete building except shop house, stall, shops in crowded market or location with narrow road not easily accessible by fire truck.  
  • The company reserves the right not to underwrite the following items:
    - Property located in the danger zones as announced by as announced by the Office of Insuirance Commission, e.g. Yaowarat, Sampeng, Chakrawat, Klong Toey slum.
    - Inventory consisting of mobile device or and peripheral device
    - Establishment with business relating to gambling, cabaret show, bar, night club
  • The company reserves the right to underwrite the following items on a case by case basis:
    - Property located in the 4 provinces in southern Thailand i.e. Songkhla, Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat with the sum assured of over 5,000,000 Baht.
    - Application for insurance of inventory only
    - Group of factory business with sum assured of over 50 million Baht without installation of fire fighting equipment
  • This plan is available for long-term purchase with maximum of 3 years and a 12.50% discount for 2-year insurance and 16.66% discount for 3-year insurance in case of the sum assured is under 60 million Baht.
  • The company reserves the right to inspect certain business in certain classes and will notify the Insured on a case by case basis.
  • The company reserves the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • In case of flood insurance, the company reserves the right to underwrite on a case by case basis for high-risk flood areas, namely Ang Thong, Lopburi, Nakhon Sawan, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Ayutthaya, Samut Prakan, Sing Buri, and some areas in Bangkok.  Please contact our agent for more details before taking an insurance.
  • Class 1 – Offices: Offices storing non-hazard goods, associations or clubs (excluding night clubs)
  • Class 2 – Stores/shops: Retail stores or shops e.g. pharmacy, gift shop, minimart, photocopying shop, business card printing shop, stationery store, flower shop, grocery store, camera shop, sports equipment store, auto/motorcycle parts store, watch shop, optical shop, including shops in department stores or shopping malls
  • Class 3 – Service businesses
    3.1 Health and wellness business which includes hospital, clinic e.g. beauty clinic, general practice clinic, veterinary clinic, dental clinic, gymnasium, fitness center
    3.2 Education business which includes nursery, computer school, music school, art school, private or public school, language school, college
    3.3 Accommodation business which includes flat, dormitory, apartment, guest house, condominium, condominium juristic person
    3.4 Entertainment business which includes coffee shop, restaurant, bakery shop, ice-cream shop, restaurant with karaoke, karaoke shop, fine dining restaurant, billiard shop, snooker shop, internet café, games shop, hotel
    3.5 Other business which includes barber’s/hairdresser’s shop, beauty salon, electrical repair shop, mechanic shop, laundry shop, photo shop, wedding studio, auto repair shop, car dealer with repair service (no paint repair), video rental and video recording shop
  • Class 4 – Factory
    4.1 Non-alcoholic beverage factory which includes coffee powder factory, drinking water factory
    4.2 Metal factory which includes plating factory, nail factory, metal window factory, aluminum products factory, metal parts factory (no wooden products), metal compression factory, lathing factory (no wooden products)
    4.3 Pharmaceutical/herbal factory which includes soap factory, tooth paste factory, cosmetic factory, pharmaceutical products factory
    4.4 Glass/ceramic/plate glass factory which includes glass/plate glass/glass bottle factory, electrical heating porcelain/ceramics factory, other porcelain/ceramics factory, sanitary ware factory, cement or concrete related products factory
    4.5 Food factory which includes non-heat chilli grinding mill, fish ball factory, fish steaming house, dehydrated fruit factory, dried pasta factory, sausage factory, egg products factory, sauce/fish sauce factory, corn/glucose syrup factory, wheat flour factory, syrup related sweets factory, vermicelli factory, noodles factory, candy factory, canned food factory (no cold storage), tapioca flour and sago factory, bread factory, tofu factory      
You can purchase flood insurance with coverage of no more than 10% of the sum assured for main coverage.
Coverage by Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance Public Company Limited